Meet Jay Connor: The entertainment mogul

Hailing from humble beginnings in East London is Jay Connor a self-made entertainment mogul who is now the Group CEO of local channel EssexTV and EssexMag his newest venture, despite a varied background the young executive is now considered one of the most influential figures in the Essex media scene.

The 27year old hails from a pub management background and has sported some acting roles before moving into the executive scene – he has most recently been signed by CO Records as he and collaborator Billy Kabanda aim to hit the charts with their hit single currently dubbed ‘Spotlight’.

Connor is being hailed as the future of both the channel and the magazine, EssexTV is expected to make a Sky move in a multimillion pound deal which Connor will trigger and oversee whilst his newest venture EssexMag aims to become a publishing powerhouse before it becomes a national tabloid magazine again an operation the 27year old will oversee.

It’s safe to say that Connor’s ambition and hard work has paid off and he has clearly set himself up as one to watch on the media scene.

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