A Man Of Many Talents, Actor And Filmmaker Mike Archer

Looking at Mike Archer’s long and impressive CV made us wish we could just step into an acting career without doing all the work he has done. Ah, that would be nice, but it is a pipe dream after all and the reality is that one must do all the work and all the rehearsals and the schooling and training, not to mention handling all the rejections, in order to stand where Mike Archer stands today, which is as an in-demand and respected actor who can take on any role that is given to him.

He’s done tons of commercials, Television, stage productions, short films and feature-length movies. He has been in The King’s Speech, with Colin Firth, Easy Virtue, Merchant of Little Venice and Voodoo Magic. Mike has acted in two TV series: Suspicion:Series 2 and The Genius of Turner. He is no stranger to stage plays as he has performed in some great ones: Night Must Fall, The Crystal Egg Live, Lolita, The Duchess of Malfi, Master and Margarita,, Skin Deep, Trainspotting, Daughters of Venice and King John, to name a few.

His short film CV is no less impressive. Mike recently finished filming the co-lead role in the short horror film Embers and Letters for Lost Lovers playing the role of 12th Century lover – Peter Abelard. His recent credits include the lead role in the short film Un-Domesticated, a commercial for Suva Insurance and Crash Tales, for Mercedes Benz which debuted online in 2020, collectively debuting to over 1/2 million views. Other highly praised and award-winning short films to his credit are: Wasser, The Turning Test, Inside Out, Notes on a Final Theme, Color me Grey, Boudica, Soyuz 1and too many more to name them all here.

Mike was born and raised in the North East of England and trained at Redroof’s Theatre School and the prestigious Drama Studio London, before honing his skills at The Actors Gateway under the tutelage of actress Eva Pope and the London branch of the world renowned Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop.

He has been working steadily since graduating in 2010 and has developed a diverse portfolio of work, with extensive experience playing earthy, charismatic and eccentric, character roles on stage and screen. Mike is creative director for Old Lamp Entertainment, the boutique award nominated production company he set up in 2010. He has written, produced, directed and acted in Old Lamp film productions, which have in turn been nominated for awards at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, The British Short Film Awards and the Olympus Film Festival.

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