Remember, you heard it here first—Boggi! The social media sensation who is taking the TikTok and Instagram world by storm. With the charm of a Hollywood star and a sense of humor that is clever and witty, Boggi is winning fans wherever he goes! After being discovered by The Martinez Twins, after they watched one of his videos, Boggi’s follower based expanded from the thousands into the millions, just in a matter of months.

While becoming popular on social media platforms, Boggi has also managed to ink deals with Netflix and Pullbear along the way. Now with a record 5 million plus followers on TikTok and 1.7 million followers on Instagram, it is not surprising that Boggi is now in a position to pick and choose where and what he wants to focus on next. In the virtual world we are now living in, which is slowly becoming the “new normal” it is the perfect time to start following and supporting your favorite social media stars, as they are becoming the future faces of advertising.

Boggi is set to have an exciting future and with his millions of fans around the world, there is no doubt we will soon be seeing him not just on social media but on TV and possibly the big screen too. Way to go Boggi!

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