Charles Umerie is working on a new book. It’s called… well, we don’t know the name yet, but we’re pretty excited.

If you’re one of the people around the world who fell in love with the originality and ideas in Across the Desert, we have good news for you.

While a documentary based on Across the Desert is still in development, the Nigerian author who also brought us Kingdom Tales, now has a new book for you to sink your teeth into.

The story was inspired by Charles’ upbringing and environment. As a conscious writer, he wants to use this new book to address the struggles of Nigerian youths trying to succeed in a corrupt environment. This book will focus on Charles’ life when he was a teen and the challenges he faced.

It’s a story I must tell,” Charles Umerie told us. “It’s about my life and the mistakes I made. I’m 100% sure that other kids are making the same mistakes. It’s like a pattern. I believe this book can break that pattern. It will be like a huge warning sign to the other kids.”

According to Charles, the book will be available before the end of the year.

If you are one of those people waiting for this book, it’s definitely going to worth the wait. Charles gave us Kingdom Tales, and we all enjoyed it. He came with Across the Desert and taught us some things we never knew about Africa. With that, it’s definite this new book would worth the wait.


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