Underwear for men: which fabric is best?

Probably nobody will tell you this, but a wrongly chosen piece of underwear can ruin your whole day. An uncomfortable fabric or lack of support can annoy you all day and make you completely unable to concentrate on your work. Although there are different types of underwear available on the market, choosing the right material for you can make all the difference in your daily life. Below we’ll talk about the different types of underwear fabric – and believe us, it really makes a difference!

Cotton underwear

As one of the most common fabrics from which the major manufacturers produce their underwear, cotton is widely used in this industry for a variety of reasons. It’s natural and breathable; it’s very affordable and absorbent, perfect for keeping your private areas safe and healthy. It is comfortable in most cases and surpasses many other fabrics in wearing conditions. However, experts advise avid athletes to choose nylon. Because cotton absorbs moisture quite well, it easily fills up with all the sweat that arises during exercise, which is rather uncomfortable.

Bamboo underwear

Although cotton underwear is still the king in the underwear world at the moment, we secretly hope that this bamboo fabric will knock it off the throne. The increasingly popular underwear made of bamboo breathes perfectly and absorbs up to 7 times more moisture than cotton! This prevents unpleasant smells and ensures a fresh feeling all day long. You can walk comfortably from morning till night. We are already huge fans of bamboo boxer short: we don’t often see underwear that soft and comfortable.

Nylon underwear

By keeping the wearer dry, this complex of microfibres is a great alternative for those who can’t wear cotton panties because of prolonged sports sessions or workouts. It also retains its colour for years, so you don’t have to worry about its appearance. But that’s not all: even people who can’t spend the whole day at the gym can opt for nylon, because it works pretty well in all conceivable wearing conditions.

Polyester underwear

This thin and breathable fabric is widely used in the underwear industry because of its amazing properties. It offers great support, similar to cotton, but it’s half as thin as cotton. It is perfect for those who prefer to wear tight jeans or pants because it stays very close to the body. However, this particular fabric is not as absorbent as cotton, so it can be a little uncomfortable for those who sweat profusely.

Silk underwear

Perhaps the most elegant fabric for underwear: it’s great for people with sensitive skin. Although it doesn’t provide a high level of support, it’s perfect for occasions when you don’t need it. It’s a cooling fabric, perfect for hot summer days. And yes, silk underwear exudes a certain luxury at the same time. Nice for the bedroom, but it’s not a personal favourite here!

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