“Have Makeup – Will Travel.” That should be on Raquel Dos Reis’ business cards. Whenever I see photographs of her on the Internet she is usually at a different location and she is always putting makeup on an actor. We love behind the scenes photos because it seems that’s where all the real action takes place. If you think about it, the actual times it takes to shoot a scene is usually shorter than the preparation time before an actor even sets foot onto the sound stage or shooting location.

That’s where the magic happens. Raquel is one of those very special artists who can transform someone into something they never thought they could be. She has the ability and the talent and the years of practice to convert someone’s plain and simple face into an alluring Mata Hari or a hardened non-feeling killer. She confers with the director (for character breakdown) and the cinematographer (for lighting tips) and then she looks at her subject and gets to work.

Moments later there is a metamorphosis from one thing into another and then she moves on to her next actress or actor. She understands colors and which ones should be placed on each person’s unique skin tone. She also has a firm grasp on how subtle shadowing in just the right places can help express and project a character’s personality to the camera and to the audience. When Raquel works on someone she immerses herself into what is best for the character and the film as a whole. She knows she is an integral part of the filmmaking process and she participates with the ‘big picture’ in mind.

She has worked on so many short films, commercials, TV shows and feature films that there are too many to even mention here. She did, however, win the Best Makeup Award at two prestigious film festivals for her work on the film Becoming Lucy.

Watching her at work, even though they are still photographs of her dabbing makeup on someone, she is the face of pure focus. She is obviously an artist who takes her vocation seriously and who takes her art and craft seriously. She is an inspiration to watch.




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