J Chamberlain A Talented Producer & Composer From Texas

J Chamberlain, producer/composer from Texas, New Release “Stereo Life” is a must download. Chamberlain shows why his stock is climbing and will continue to rise on the Electronic music scene. With strong female vocalist on the tracks, “Into The Light”, “Addicted To Music”, & “Tonight Is The Night” leaves you wanting more.


Chamberlain brings you Uplifting, Bass Jumping, Energetic music that feels good. There is no doubt Chamberlain is hungry for more and this is truly just the beginning. When asked about where does he see things going from here Chamberlain said, “This has been an amazing summer from the release with Affluent Orchard Sony and working hard to put things together with my own Independent release has been crazy, but in a good way.


I’ve had offers for a few tracks on Stereo Life but I felt this was the best way to go with the project.” Go visit jchamberlainmusic.com for more info, free downloads, releases available on ITunes, Juno, and more digital retailers worldwide.

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