Jade Luna talks Ancient Astrology on the Christine Hassler show

Let me take the time to introduce Jade Sol Luna from Joshua Tree CA. In a world with constant misinformation, I think we should listen to the few out there that make incredibly accurate predictions. For those new to Jade Luna, Jade is the only person to predict the current world situation with perfect evidence using an ancient sidereal system he reconstructed himself while living in India. Jade predicted the pandemic in 2018 on the Christine Hassler show and then predicted riots in June 2020, record-breaking heat and fires to start August 16/20 and predicted the coronavirus spikes with perfection. If you follow astrologers, psychics or mediums, let’s listen to those that say things that actually happen and that you can verify. Jade will be back on the Christine Hassler show May 17/21 and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say next. Here are the articles that came out, one on 2019. Goto www.AsterianAstrology.com on May 20/21 and his next predictions will be available.

(Prediction references)

came out 1/7/2019

Jade and the Age of Aquarius

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