Matt Damon, Kyle Korver, Pilar Holland, Tea Leoni and Brittany Furlan are just a few celebrities that have turned to Komuso Design to help them feel their absolute best, both on the inside and out!

Komuso Design and their product The Shift is the top selling anxiety jewelry item on the market that everyone, not only celebrities, are all wearing that helps you cope and control your panic and anxiety attacks. No gadgets or anything, just a cool concept that slows down your mind in order to slow down your breathing, and looks cool around your neck as a feel good accessory.

We sat down with the co-creator of the product, Todd Steinberg, to find out more about how his product has become an instant hit in Hollywood and beyond!

  1. What makes Komuso Design so appealing to people do you think?


We think people like simple solutions with an authentic approach. We often see ads for wonder drugs, fidget spinners, and new apps that claim to make you calmer. We wanted to create something that doesn’t just distract you or create a co-dependency. The Shift is a tool that simply reintroduces you to a natural solution that’s already built within you. Breathwork is an ancient practice that uses the body to reconnect the mind. We designed the Shift to transcend that practice and make it super practical for modern use.

  1. How did you feel first seeing celebrities wearing your items?

We’re well aware that most brands pay big sponsor money to have celebrities wear their items in exchange for press. We’re so proud and humbled to know that the celebrities wearing our necklaces actually wear it because they chose it. We also respect that celebrities carry enormous amounts of stress and anxiety. There’s a terrible misconception that celebrities have it easy just because they’re rich or famous. We’re all human and hope our necklace brings peace of mind to anyone that chooses to take the journey with us.

  1. Have you and your wife (co-founders of Komuso Design) always been into fashion and jewelry?

Prior to Komuso, I had never worn a necklace, like ever. In fact, I had some serious reservations about creating a piece of jewelry that I likely wouldn’t wear because I didn’t like the feeling of weight around my neck. My wife persisted of course, so we continued with the prototypes and after about 3 days of wearing it, I was hooked. The weight of the piece actually served as a great reminder to take it slow. I honestly catch myself playing with it when I get nervous and it’s a cue to pause and take a deep breath. My wife and I laugh about the irony of how the concept was almost discarded due to my “anxiety” about not wanting to wear a necklace. Good thing we didn’t let anxiety win that battle right?

  1. Jewelry with Purpose… why is this so important to you both (and obviously turned into a hit with others)?

Our mission wasn’t to merely create a random tool to help people breathe. We wanted to design a keepsake that becomes a part of you. We started noticing how people wear the Buddhist prayer beads as bracelets and had so much pride about how it embodied their lifestyle. We wanted to take that trend a step further. What if we could create a keepsake that represented people’s commitment to mindfulness, but also add a much needed utility (purpose). The Shift can literally make you calm by physically breathing through it. It’s neither a placebo or ‘just’ a reminder; it’s a practical tool you can use wherever you are…simply because you’re wearing it. Once you develop the habit of breathing slower to calm your mind, you start to feel empowered by the new control you have over your emotions. Our best selves live inside of calm moments. We hope this simple little tool helps people get there.

  1. What is your advice to others who are wanting to get into the jewelry and health spaces with their own products?

Keep it simple. Think of something that would make you proud to wear and show the world. That’s what The Shift means to us. We wear it because it represents our story and perhaps makes the world a better place.

  1. Which celebrity would you love seeing wear a Komuso Design next?

So many celebrities, so little time! We would love to introduce The Shift to Matthew Broderick for one silly reason. Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. We dream of him holding the Shift while uttering those words. #saveferris

  1. What does 2020 have in store for your company?

For as calm as we’ve trained ourselves to become, we’re kind of flipping out over the new products we’re going to be introducing. We have a new Shift bracelet, a kid’s necklace, and some muscle tanks for women coming soon! Our customers have been really communicative about our product expansion so we’re meeting the moment. We want Komuso to be known as a lifestyle brand for people who simply like the idea of slowing down to stop and look around once in a while.

Head over to: https://www.komusodesign.com/ to learn more and get yours like all the celebs have!

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