Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Secrets – Plastic Surgery or Natural Beauty?

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters is one of the most popular and the richest celebrities today. She has over 30 million followers on Instagram and the numbers are still growing. This fall, she also plans to launch her own website and offer effective advice on beauty. Something that you need to look forward, if you want to learn Kylie’s beauty secrets.

What made her so popular? Today, I think she’s even more popular than her sister, Kim. And just recently, we’ve noticed some major changes on Kylie. She’s no longer that baby-face beauty. Kylie Jenner has incredibly transformed herself to an irresistible and a really attractive celebrity. But her transformation is up for debate.

How real is her butt? Did she undergo plastic surgery, or she just put on some weight that happened to fall at the right place? Because it looks gorgeous unlike Kristyna Martelli’s who died becuse of her excessive plastic surgery procedures.

Is it really possible to have a perfectly proportionate face and body? Look at how perfect her face looks.

While she recently admitted to having lip fillers when she was 17 years old, Kylie does have her other beauty secrets to stay beautiful.

These are some of her beauty regimen;

Skin care

She never forgets to use sunscreen and a natural moisturizer. Kylie is also into eye creams particularly Kiehl’s. At night, she makes sure to remove her makeup. Kylie also likes face masks from Sephora.

She’s not really into heavy makeup

She thinks it’s not attractive on her. What she uses though are a foundation (light) and a bronzer. She also likes exploring light false lashes. When you see her posting at Instagram with heavy makeup on, Kylie is usually doing photo shoots and has professionals do her makeup.

She prefers lip liners over lipsticks

Kylie is not into lipsticks, but she has too many collection of lip liners. It takes her only about 10 minutes to do her lips, with a color that she thinks works for her. Preferably nude.

She doesn’t wash her hair everyday

She used to wash it everyday but learned that it wasn’t good for the hair, so she switches to washing it just every other day. By the way, Kylie uses hair extensions, and she really likes it.

No perfume for her (just occasionally)

You may be surprised to know that Kylie isn’t really into fragrances. She tends to get headaches with perfumes, but she occasionally wears a Victoria’s Secret.

Did Kylie undergo other surgical procedures?

Lately though, we’ve noticed her small waist and bigger breasts. Some fans have speculated that she may have other procedures apart from lip fillers. Kylie has that perfect hour-glass figure which is impossible to someone who doesn’t really go to the gym. Going to the gym will not even let you achieve a perfect body like Kylie.

Well, her transformation is indeed unbelievable. She’s already blessed with natural beauty, no question about it. Kylie just find ways to still enhance it. Whether she’s had surgery or not, one thing is certain: Kylie still looks absolutely gorgeous.


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