The Health & Wellness guru returns home, but what’s next up his sleeve?


Nicholas is now back in Australia after traveling abroad. He visited the United States, where he applied for a visa and met other fitness trainers to compare techniques and add to his technical portfolio. He also spent time in London and was hired as a Master Personal Trainer at Virgin Active, which is a very impressive thing for anybody to do: He came, he saw, he conquered – very quickly.


Well, he is back in his home country and is applying everything he learned overseas to his professional personal training programs. He is also finishing the final stages of his visa application process for his Los Angeles move, where he plans to open up his own personal training studio. Not too long after coming home, Nick was recruited and picked up as a strength and conditioning coach for Melbourne NPL, the soccer club Oakley Cannons, which finished second overall last year. He will find himself working with athletes and coaches at the highest professional level, which is very impressive to say the least.


One of the perks about landing back home is that Nick is able to see his old clientele and what they’ve done with the training techniques he had instilled in them before his worldly adventures. Many of which were thrilled to be under the supervision of Nick and are reaping the benefits from all of the newly acquired training and conditioning methods he had brought back from the U.S. and the UK. He loves helping people achieve their physical fitness goals and it feels to him as though he never left; things just fell right back into place and his bond between clients seem stronger than ever.


What facilitated the transition was the fact that Nick was already established in Australia as one of the premiere personal trainers and having his own studio in place was just icing on the cake. He is very confident that he will be issued a visa for the United States and that kind of positive attitude just runs through everything Nick does as a personal trainer and healthy living coach. His clients keep coming back because of that “Can do” state of mind and because Nick’s coaching, training methods and nutritional meal advice simply work. Since the announcement of his planned departure for Los Angeles, the clients have been soaking up every bit of this man’s guidance and mentorship. With such grand plans to expand and develop his brand and business, we wouldn’t be surprised to see clients hoping on the next flight to the West Coast soon!



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