Performing Artist Helen Blondel Discovers a New Passion in Teaching

Helen Blondel is a professional singer and belly dancer in the Orlando and Miami. Her passion for expression through art has led her to great opportunities, such as singing backup vocals on Disney Channel for artists like Shaggy and Olivia Holt, as well as Belly Dancing at high-profile events throughout the state of Florida. However, she recently discovered a new passion tied to her love for performing– Teaching.

After a successful run of teaching belly dance at the Florida International University fitness center, Helen realized there are many people with the desire to learn the beautiful art form, and found it very rewarding to guide others through the journey of learning.

As a result, Helen founded BellyPOP, a wellness brand meant to teach others how to be the best version of themselves through free instructional videos, blogs, and podcasts. She also recently launched her first eCourse dedicated to teaching beginners the fundamentals of belly dance through a detailed, step-by-step approach.

While BellyPOP is mainly themed around belly dance, Helen aims to go beyond with the content she shares. Many people have dealt with self-image and confidence issues in their life. Helen, having gone through this first hand, shares tips on staying positive and believing in oneself throughout the journey, whether it be learning belly dance or any other new hobby/art.

Helen’s ultimate goal with BellyPOP, her online community, and her teaching endeavors is to show as many people as possible that inner beauty can be transformed to outer beauty through self-confidence and dance.

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