Erica Bigger and Melanie Powell from ‘U slept on me’

USOM was established in 2016 by co founders Erica Bigger and Melanie Powell. Today we are sharing interview with both of them about their brand.

CNF Mag: What made you decide to start a clothing brand?
USOM: We decided to do a clothing brand because we both had over 15 plus years of experience in the fashion, retail, and entertainment industry.

CNF Mag: What makes USOM different from other clothing brands?
USOM: USOM is different from the other brands because first comes the message behind it and the deep meaning of it, and who we support and then comes fashion as the cherry on top!

CNF Mag: Are you manufacturing the products yourself?
USOM: Some products we do manufacture ourselves, however others we outsource locally and abroad; it just depends on the production needs.

CNF Mag: It seems your products are targeting the Youth?
USOM: Yes our products target the youth but more importantly people of every age and background. We know that our youth are the future and we have to motivate them as well to have strength and courage to overcome obstacles today and tomorrow. The message is truly relatable at any age or stage in your life.

CNF Mag: You offer time by time discounts and coupons?
USOM: Yes we do offer discounts from time to time, especially in a time like now. Our new users receive a discount of 20% when they sign up for our newsletter.

CNF Mag: What’s your mission statement?
USOM: USOM is a lifestyle brand that stands for empowerment. The acronym USOM stands for U Slept on Me, meaning you counted me out, but I’m still here. The USOM clothing brand brings life to the words via its athletic/fashion forward designs that are classic, fresh, and stylish. As a lifestyle brand, we aspire to encourage, uplift, inspire, and motivate a growing athleisure based culture of individuals who are gravitating to a non conforming, health conscious fashion and beauty based lifestyle promoting self love, fitness and a heart for the community and those who are particularly feeling underrated, left behind, undervalued and/or overlooked.

CNF Mag: USOM in five years? Have you set any targets?
USOM: USOM in five years should be a household brand name within the market of athleisure wear, street wear, and luxe ready to wear fashion and home decor sectors. We want to have collaborations, partnerships, mergers, international success and become the first women to birth and own one of the world’s top lifestyle brands.

CNF Mag: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
USOM: Yes, If you are starting any type of business I would say never give up. I know it sounds cliche but we have hit so many walls within this process of building a lifestyle brand but we keep believing, keep pushing at different doors and eventually they open and elevation is inevitable. You just have to keep trying new things and don’t give up. Also make sure your business has a solid foundation meaning LLC, Trademark, EIN number etc. This is how you know you take yourself and your business seriously.

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