Speaking To Audiences All Over The World Through Her Films- Yilei Zhou

We got to see several of Yilei Zhou’s films the other night and we loved them. Not only is Yilei an accomplished writer, cinematographer and director, she’s also a great storyteller who understands people’s feelings. Yilei’s films and characters are all connected by threads of deep emotions, along with epiphanies that force decisions to be made. We’ll let you see the ending of the film yourself.

Yilei’s talents certainly cover the gamut from technical to the highly creative and they all come together in each of her very solid films. When she marshals all of her forces and brings all of her very immense talents to the table she creates masterpieces that can be enjoyed by everybody. We enjoyed the simplistic storyline and the big emotional payoff of The Greatest Gift, and we also relished the colorful and lively as well as intimate telling of the story of two rock and roll band members who love each other in Yilei’s He And Rock & Roll. The film was set in the 1970s and paid tribute to some rock & roll legends and navigated seamlessly through the ambiguous sexual culture of rock music and everything that came with it during that era.

One of the really cool things about He And Rock & Roll is that Yilei funded the film through a successful Kickstarter project. When we heard that we realized that this brilliant young woman had all the talents mentioned above and she was a bona fide producer. She is a person who takes charge of her films, she produces, writes, edits, shoots them and directs them. She is a renaissance woman!


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