Star of Horror Flick ‘Tarnation’, Australia’s Joshua Diaz

At the ripe age of twenty four, the sensational and multi talented Joshua Diaz has already made a name for himself. Diaz is already an incredibly accomplished actor, model and even dancer. His impressive resume consists of film and television appearances, modeling ads and even appearances in music videos. Mastering one of these careers is a challenge enough for some, let alone all three before the age of thirty.  The key for success with Diaz, is his ability to be so diverse throughout the various form of entertainment media he works in. The range he expresses at such a young age shows experience far beyond his age.

Joshua Diaz who is Australian born, always dreamed of one day being able to come to the land of entertainment, America and study in the city of Angels that we know as Los Angeles California. Diaz began his education in his home country, attending several workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. His supreme talents were noticed and he was offered the chance of a lifetime to study in America. He then received a full scholarship to attend the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in Los Angeles. Diaz’s time here not only fulfilled a personal dream, but advanced his already impressive skills and helped him land leading roles in future projects.

Upon finishing up his education in Los Angeles, Diaz returned home to Australia. He continued taking work in modeling campaigns for footwear, street and urban clothing brands as well as making appearances in music videos. Though his range was brought to life when he showed the importance of diversity and his awareness of social issues when he booked a role in an independent LGBT feature film playing the lead role of Jaxon, the supportive boyfriend to super model who was openly bisexual and proud. Diaz then went on to star in the feature film Tarnation a young adult horror film set in the woods where He was cast as the lead. A character named Bo, a uniquely smart charismatic character with a comedic personality.

Diaz states his favorite role to date was, “Playing Keith on Neighbours ; everyone on set was so nice and welcoming it was all very professional.” He goes on to explain another thrilling experience, “(The) Most exciting thing to happen in my career would be going to the premier of Red dog as a special guest that was quiet exciting.” With a steady stream of television, film and modeling appearances, Diaz shows no signs of slowing down. He hopes one day to work with either Tom Hardy or Mark Ruffalo, two of his favorite actors. Though one cannot predict the future, something tells me Joshua Diaz will be able to work with his idols and even become an idol to some aspiring actor out there as well.

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