Australian actress Indi Massara has had some interesting and seemingly magical experiences since she moved to L.A. from down under. Within a week of setting foot in California she signed with a talent management company and just days  after that she got an agent. We’ve seen people try (unsuccessfully) for years to get a manager and an agent and they have lived here all their lives. This young woman (shame on her!) just walks in from who knows where (Australia) and the talent representatives apparently just start swooning over her and beg her to sign with them. What’s wrong with this story? Absolutely nothing! That’s what. Indi is talented and beautiful and she can play any role she is given, and that’s how she got an agent and a manager so quickly.

Well, Indi’s story (true story) is totally fantastic but if you go back into the history of Hollywood you can find other stories that are just as fantastic about people getting discovered or someone driving a friend to an audition and they get the part instead of the friend who actually auditioned for it. In Indi’s case, however, a lot of hard work and experience helped propel her into an established film career. In fact, those attributes moved her into a successful modeling career also. Although she was “discovered” by Notorious LA Fashion Coordinator, Parris Harris, who saw Indi at her first modeling audition at just 13. He immediately cast her for Downtown Fashion Week in September was quoted as saying ’She’s the next big star model of our time.  She just gets it and needs no direction to pop on the runways’.

Indi has walked the runway for famous designers such as fellow Aussie Stephanie Audino, along with Fernando Atelier and Rocky Gathercole who dresses Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and many more celebrities. She has been in national TV commercials (Chobani and others) is about to appear in some Korean ads, which are sure to win her a new fan base. She’s also worked with award-winning director Laurence Dunmore and Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet in a project produced by Will Ferrell’s company Funny or Die.

Indi has what it takes to get into a very competitive industry and she has the talent and endurance to maintain her successful career at high speed.

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