Joan James Muixi Has Hollywood In Awe

Joan James Muixi is an actor coming along very strong into the Hollywood scene –a quintessential leading man. Joan James has starred in leading roles like the vampire hunter Van Helsing in the film In the Fog, he played the lead role of Lance, a mysterious contract killer on the way out in Price of Freedom.

In the renowned action-thriller Max Payne Retribution, Joan James captivated audiences. In the film, he powerfully plays the role of the beloved hero, the tormented detective on a journey of revenge after the murder of his wife and baby daughter.

In Lehrling, Joan James embodies Rick, the lead character, a detached hitman with the task of finding someone to take his place before leaving for good a life of crime.

As Rick in Lehrling, Joan James brings to the screen a stoic and subdued performance. From the first scene one gets the sense of the darkness that inhabits Rick and the inner demons of his past that can be seen manifested in the demeanor and personality of the main hero. Joan James plays it subtle with a very effective less is more approach and leaves the audience room for interpretation.

Joan James grew up watching Hollywood movies and has been inspired by the films of Directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Mel Gibson, Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, Ed Zwick and Christopher Nolan

With strong gravitas, cool charisma, striking screen presence, acting chops and chiseled masculine appeal we can certainly say that Joan James Muixi is on the way of Hollywood leading man status.

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