3 Fun Wedding Photo Props

Wedding photos are documentation of the love that you celebrate on your wedding day and the fun that you had with your guests. The pictures you put in your wedding scrapbook will be looked at for many decades to come, so coming up with some creative and memorable photo ideas is very important. One simple way to make your wedding photos more exciting is to use props in them. Of course, you’ll want to get all the classic pictures of you, your spouse, and your bridal party all acting serious, but there’s no reason you can’t get some fun pictures in there too! Here are 3 fun wedding photo props that can make any picture more entertaining to look at and remember fondly.



Chalkboards are one of the most versatile props you can include in your wedding photos because you can write or draw anything you want on them. Imagine having each person in your bridal party holding a chalkboard with hearts drawn on them as you kiss in the center. Or you could get a timeless picture of your ring bearer and flower girl holding a chalkboard that says “marry me” as the foreground as you’re standing up at the altar. The only limitation with this wedding photo prop is your own imagination, so let it run wild!



Most people have seen sparklers used during the send-off line at a wedding, but far less people know that you can create some really cool photo effects using sparklers as well! All you need to do is hand out some wedding sparklers to the participants in the photo, have them light the tips, and then draw a giant heart shape in the air behind you as you kiss your spouse. The wedding photographer should be able to take care of the rest; they just need to set their exposure for a longer than normal duration and make sure it’s a dark enough background so the sparklers can show up in the picture well.

Giant Sunglasses

If you are interested in something a little goofier for your wedding photo props, you can’t go wrong with giant sunglasses. If you think that giant sunglasses sound lame, I double-dog dare you to put a pair on without cracking a smile. You can’t help but laugh when wearing or seeing someone where giant sunglasses, and that also translates to when you’re flipping through your wedding scrapbook fifteen years down the road. The best wedding photos will immediately take you back in time to the moment when they were taken, and using props like giant sunglasses will do that every single time.

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