Dr. Costi’s Website is online and it looks great

Dr. Costi, a well renowned cosmetic dermatologist in the middle east, has pioneered and perfected procedures that guard your health and help your outward appearance match your inner beauty.

His clinical expertise includes Cosmetic and surgical dermatology: Liquid face-lift, liposuction, fat transfer, Botox, fillers, laser treatments among other things. He is one of the most qualified doctors in these areas, and most renowned in the MENA region.

Dr. Costi just launched his website: drcosti.com. It is one of the best websites ever done for physicians specifically for dermatologists. It includes access to the patient chart, teledermatolgy, and online appointments among other features.

Bird Media Design built this beautiful dermatology website drcosti.com .They knew how to expertly represent the practice by effectively keeping the balance between medical dermatology & cosmetic treatments.

The website is easy to use. It is user friendly, and shows all procedures and services Dr. Costi provides in his private practice in Beirut, Lebanon.

Are you curious to know more ? visit www.drcosti.com

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