A Model’s Guide to Skincare

The key to a healthy and flawless complexion does not have to be expensive or complicated. Here are some tips from top models on how to get the perfect modelling agency worthy skin. Many common household ingredients can brighten and tighten our skin without the negative effects of chemical additives. Here are some of the top picks from models of a top modelling agency for smooth skin remedies so natural they can be found hiding in your home.


Raw honey is loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants that has properties that tone, soothe and moisturize our worn-out skins. A honey and coconut oil mask cleanses as it moisturizes, making it the perfect remedy for a few too many hours in the sun.


We are all aware that vitamin C is one of the best skincare ingredients. Dilute fresh lemon juice with water and apply over problematic skin for a vital nutrient punch that brightens and tones. You can also choose products that implement the fruit’s rejuvenating properties for a baby-soft complexion.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a very gentle astringent that originated from the witch hazel scrub. It is a cure for every skin problem like eczemas and ingrown hairs. Add a dab of alcohol-free toner to your nightly routine to tighten pores, sans the burning and peeling that so often accompany chemical astringents.


Cucumbers are mega moisturizers and they are also the perfectly the right pH-balanced partner for our skin. You can use hydrating gel masks that utilizes the healing powers of cucumber and coconut. They are wallet friendly too.


Rosehips are gathered and made from the seeds of rose bushes. It is an antiaging oil that employs important fatty acids and antioxidant carotenoids to hydrate dry sin and correct dark spots.  Specially formulated for sensitive skin, rosehip serums naturally repair and protects our skin.

Tea Tree Oil

This multipurpose Australian oil’s incredible antibiotic properties battle ailments from acne to athlete’s foot. Apply it between face washes and moisturizers to help control excess oil and unclog those nasty pores.


Ginseng is acclaimed as a healing herb for hundreds of years. It is full of phytonutrients that give the skin its glow and youthful look. There’s a good chance your pantry is already stocked with ginseng tea. There are also ginseng scrubs you can buy at beauty shops that has exfoliating jojoba and brightening caffeine.

These remedies will certainly boost your confidence with their amazing effects on your skin and certainly get the interests of a modelling agency. But remember, the most beautiful part of you is not what you look like, but what you are within. Inner radiance is what reflects on the outside, so if you’re happy on the inside, nothing can stop your skin from showing it. For modelling agency skin just follow these tips and you will stand out from the crowd.

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