Forstep Style!The Ultimate Online Fashion Marketplace


Similar to online giant Asos Marketplace, Forstep Style is an online fashion marketplace that allows professional boutiques & brands (legal entities only) to sell their products online, but offers better benefits for sellers. Items listed for sale include women’s’ clothes and men’s clothes, as well as jewelry, bags, shoes & cosmetics. Forstep Style encourages and promotes the sale of items that are new, unworn & continue to follow trends. The website also offers a guest post place named “The Wall” where trends, inspirations & are shared from people to people.


The website emphasizes on the sale of shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry and clothes that are brand new, unworn or made to order. Buyers purchase directly from the seller (usually based in Europe or UK) and the website receives its fee from the transaction. These fees are 10 percent of the sale price, and that’s all (meaning no monthly listing fees and subscription fees are charged).


Buyers can access many different items that are owned & stocked by sellers directly. Items are organized by specific fashion categories and can be accessed there or through the Forstep Style search function. There are 25+ categories to choose from that help sellers organize their listings. Sellers can set up a storefront all for free and can customize it to their brand specifications. Along with the shop, a seller gets a unique URL in the format which can be used in other places and for other purposes. Also, seller’s can link up their business social media channels.

Setting up listings is simple prices as everything happens from one easy managing dashboard. Listings are accompanied by product photos and product descriptions. Sellers may list up to 20 products per shop.

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