Guide for Buying Fashionable Hats for Holiday Gifts

Christmas is knocking at the door. Are you ready to buy a present for your loved ones? Then, what could be the best gift rather than a fashionable hat? A personalized hat for your dear one can bring a smile to the face. After all, you surely want your gift to be unique, memorable and full of love.

But wait, do you know how to buy a fashionable hat? A proper holiday gift is not an easy task to find. When it comes to hats, it’s important to know the popular style of the season. However, there are a few things more to consider while buying hats. This article will guide you for buying fashionable hats for holiday gifts.

What to Know Before Buying Fashionable Hats?

The first thing to remember for whom you’re buying the hat. Depending on that you can choose. Hats come in many variations such as hat style, crown shape and size, hat materials. Hats like Fedora, Safari, Bowler, Cowboy are traditional hats. But the modern world wants a different style, for example, adjustable and fitted snapback caps like new era caps. So, it’s better to follow the latest trend for men and women.

While buying fashionable hats for him or her, keep a few things new mind.


  • Size of the Hat

Mind the size before buying a hat. Otherwise, you may have to return it. So, it is better to ask the person about the size. However, buying it from a popular and reliable store assures a perfect fit.


  • Profession and Lifestyle

In the mean time, remember to consider the person’s lifestyle, profession and hobbies. The hat you are gifting must suit his/her professional attire. If you want to gift a hat to wear with a suit, then Trilby, Homburg etc., are the best options. Similarly, the Kentucky Derby hat is the first choice for women to wear in the sports event.


  • Facial Shapes

Not everyone comes with same facial shape. Different faces suit different hats.

  • Oval shape: any hat style will suit with oval facial shape.
  • Round shape: hat with wide brims are suitable—for example, Fedora hat, Beanies.
  • Oblong shape: Floppy hats, Cloches are perfect options.
  • Square shape: Berets with a rounded shape and soft pleats.
  • Triangular shape: high crown hats like Smokey-Bear can be suitable. Additionally, decorative items at one side of the hat can make a face elongated.
  • Diamond shape: wide brimmed Fedoras are ideal for such facial shape.
  • Heart shape: better to void any narrow crown hat. Thin-knit beanies, Fedoras are suitable.


  • Hat Material

Last but not least, hat material is very important while purchasing. People have different tastes in apparel. Before buying, let’s see how many types of hat materials are there.

  • Cotton: softer, comes in various colors.
  • Wool felt: least expensive felt, good for the cold.
  • Fur felt: finer and softer, durable and serviceable than wool felt.
  • Polyester: combined with cotton, durable and resistant to water.
  • Straw: comes in various colors, textures and patterns.


  • Complexion and Hair Color

However, any complexion or hair color suit any hat style. But people sometimes prefer to wear a hat according to their complexion.

According to the complexion, the best hat color:

  • Ruddy: brown, gray.
  • Pale: dark blue, gray.
  • Dark: brown.
  • Darker olive: green, brown.

According to the hair color, the best hat color:

  • Blonded: brown, green, gray.
  • Brown: gray, green.
  • Gray: green, gray.
  • Red: brown, blue, green.


Now hopefully, you have the idea of how to buy fashionable hats as holiday gifts. The holiday is all about spending time with family, friends and spreading joy. Additionally, don’t forget about the kids. The Shelby, Bucket hats are the kids’ style. The Beret is mostly designed for the girls.

Overall, find the perfect hat for your loved ones to match their style is not easy. After all, it’s a fashion statement for both men and women. A greater range of variety of hats may confuse you. But if you know the person well whom you’re gifting, it will seem easier to buy.

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