Short Circuit Ruined My Exhibition!!

Recently I had gone through some bad times, so I thought I should share my bad luck or rather bad experience with my reader here.

As you know I am a fashion designer by profession. Fashion flows in my veins like blood. I have been designing dresses for my clients for the last 7 years or so. When I came into this industry I was targeting the top fashion people. I wanted to be well known like them, arrange fashion shows and such things but I stuck within my boundaries.

Few months back I finally decided to take a big step and move to the next stage. I used my innovative mind and designed some uniquely designed party, prom and bridal dresses. I had a pretty big hall that’s been used as my stitching workshop. So I have decided to arrange this dress exhibition in my hall.

New permanent lights and disco lights etc were installed to give it a dashing look. That was the biggest occasion of my life. Finally I was on the brink of fulfilling my dream. General people, fashion designers and experts were appreciating me. Everything one going fine until something unexpected has occurred.

It seems the hall lighting and electric decoration stuff was too much for my hall wiring. There came a smoke from the main board and all lights went off. It was Sunday and no electricity was available at these hours. So it was a closure, a lights out of my dream. I couldn’t stop myself from crying when I saw all the people hurrying out from my ruined exhibition.

So I kept on sobbing and weeping all night. Next morning an electrician examined the board and stuff and told me the power cable heated up and caught fire. That was the main cause behind all that fuss. The place was rented and I had nothing to do with the electric wire used for the wiring but if the owner of that place has used the good quality electrical power cable I would have lived my dreams that night.

Sometimes little things, little unnecessary savings can cost you your dreams, your lives, your passion and obviously the financial loss.

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