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Everyone wants to look elegant and attractive. I’m a self-confessed skincare fanatic and I’ve tried and tested an embarrassingly large range of products. I’ve spent more than I’d like to admit on oils that promise to transform your skin, a mask that claims to rid every blemish and moisturisers that swear they will revitalise my skin with one use.

Then I tried the most talked about products of the range Gouttes de Beauté Advanced Skincare.Every product I have tried is outstanding quality and with every product a little goes a long way. All skincare and anti-aging products combine luxury and advanced technology for delivering the best results and value to our customers

ICONIC Beauty Devices Iconic™ Advanced Beauty Devices

The Iconic™ range represents our advanced high-end beauty devices that offer professional and efficient care for your skin. Our devices are user-friendly, helping you save time, and feature sophisticated technologies that render incredible anti-aging results. They are designed specifically for self-care at home.

Get your own beauty salon soon with our innovative Iconic™ products.

Combining the secrets of the wonderful old Japanese therapy with state-of-the-art beauty solutions, ICONIC Suprême ™ stimulates acupuncture points to treat and prevent wrinkles. It guides the good nutrients deep into the skin to restore collagen production and promote cell metabolism. ICONIC Suprême ™ has been shown to eliminate wrinkles and slows the aging process. It also has the effect of a non-invasive, safe and natural facelift. It is a long lasting skin rejuvenation skin for with regular use.

• Restores skin elasticity and glow
• Make the skin firmer
• Stimulates cell function and cell formation
• Counteracts aging and the appearance of wrinkles
• Enables microcirculation
• Rejuvenating
• Refining face contours

Natural Rejuvenation With LED Light, Galvanic Current, Heat Massage The results are incredible, corrective and rejuvenating. Carefully cleaning the pores, eliminates toxins and harmful residues. Increases the penetration and efficiency of the underlying serum, stimulates collagen production and cell renewal, delays signs of aging. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical facelift and eye-contouring beauty device is ideal to turn back the time and achieve a youthful look.

ICONIC PenMagique ™ should be introduced in daily beauty routine. Use on clean face and neck. Clean your face and neck, apply your Dinamica serum or your favorite serum to the desired area you wish to treat and use ICONIC PenMagique ™. Apply afterwards skin type suitable cream, preferably INFINITY Rich or Delicate or your favorite cream.

• Effective daily beauty routine
• Effective treatment for the thin delicate skin around the eyes
• Counteracts dark circles, aging and wrinkles
• Restores skin elasticity and firmness
• Refining the contours of the face and eyes

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