Pauline Cheyrouze A Famous Fashion & Wedding Photographer

Pauline Cheyrouze is one of the most famous and & wedding photographer based in Paris.Her pictures are  amazing looks through her lens; the world to her is upside down, inside out, horizontal, a glowing oblate spheroid of a stunning planet.Her aesthetics are amazing, and that’s the reason why she has built an international name in the world of photography.

Immortalizing beauty is what Pauline Cheyrouze has always done. Animated by a passion for photography, Pauline Cheyrouze chose to perpetuate the harmony of the landscapes, to infuse her love of life through her photographic work. Armed with her smile, she disarms timidity, embarrassment and other embarrassments. Inspired, she guides with a master hand the shots of beginners and lost models, while leaving to them all the space necessary for their expression, their creativity which develops under his eyes. Behind its objective, it captures the second ephemeral which will give all its authenticity to the cliché, the emotion that is read through the eyes of the models, the detail that makes each of us the space of an instant the reality of Our dreams of children, rocked by eternal princesses and chivalrous men.

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