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There is nothing more relaxing than a nice and warm bath after a long, tiring day. Bath bombs make baths more luxurious and fun. I love collecting bath bombs, soap bars, and lotions and my bathroom shelves are always loaded with new stuff.

As for bath bombs, everyone loves them because they are colorful, scented and fizzy. I accidentally found this website “” when I was looking for some handmade soap bars that are pretty and economical as well. This place was full of the stuff of my dreams, there is a large variety of handmade soaps, colorful bath bombs, lotions, body butters and what not. I noticed a great difference among the prices and the products looked promising so I decided to give it a try and placed my first order at

I ordered a set of twelve bath bombs called “Kiss me” and a handmade soap loaf called “Lemon Verbena” and started waiting.  My order came quite fast and I tried both of the products, the bath bomb “Kiss me” smells incredible and I love the cute pink and blue color. Its base scent is Jasmine and Lilly, there is also a subtle aroma of apple and lime which makes your bath incredibly refreshing and makes the water look so pretty as well. I got twelve bath bombs of only $24 which is a great price as I used to buy really expensive products before.

The handmade soap bar Lemon verbena is so pretty that I just can’t get enough of it, plus it has very lemony aroma which is the most refreshing scent I believe. There are two kinds of lemon fragrances blended with verbena which makes this soap my favorite one. It’s amazing and elegant fragrance makes me feel fresh and pretty at the same time. There is Organic shea butter in every bar of soap which moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Highly recommended.

Since my first experience went really well and I absolutely loved their products and prices, I keep buying more and more soaps and stuff from and they never disappointed me so far. Another thing I have used from this store is a bath bomb called Festival. I love yellow color so when I saw the cute yellow bath bomb called “Festival” on the website, I could not stop myself from ordering it. Festival is a sweet and fruity bath bomb, it smells amazing but it is really hard to describe what it smells like but it is very fruity and strong for sure.

If you like pretty marbled type of designs on your soaps then you should try handmade soap loaf “Gobi gold” from It has a blackish blue, pink and yellow marbled pattern. It is a very complex blend, there are a lot of different fragrances in this soap bar such as sweet orange and plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, and many more. It has activated charcoal as an exfoliant to make you glow and feel amazing.

The shipping is quite fast and they also offer an awesome 30-day return policy which is great as not many online stores offer this. You can buy online and also call to order at Their products are great and the prices are perfect, I will definitely be buying again from them.

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