The Runway Queen, Nina Gleyzer to be featured in Lori Snyder’s upcoming book “LaLa Mode Rue” Enjoy this quick peak interview!

Almost year after year, award winning fashion designer Nina Gleyzer, a native from St. Petersburg, Russia, showcases the most energetic and vibrant runway shows. From one year to the next and one collection to the other, the catwalk simply bursts with a dynamic and chic energy. Even in the mist of a runway show, Nina always finds the time to give you a smile from the heart. She is always a joy to be around. Some of her collections shown are “Woman is an Enigma” and “Nostalgie: Le Fin Mot” Nina also designs amazing one-of-a-kind pieces that simply mesmerize!

1—Nina, who is one celebrity you would most want to design a dress for?

Iris Apfel is a woman who I desire to work with. She is ” MY KIND OF Girl “!!!!!!

2—Can you share what you most love about being able to design for so many women and how each of them can tap into their unique energy and create their own style?

Being a fashion designer for many years I have been honored to dress thousands of women! Women of different ages, different social and financial states. But all of them have one thing in common-they are all celebrities! They are celebrities because they love and respect themselves, they know they are different and show their difference to the world. They have great taste and they are smart enough to listen to a professional. Those women know the golden rule of being dressed well- QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY!

4—What is your idea of dressing from day into evening with ease?

To transform yourself from day to evening is the easiest thing to do! First, always have in your purse beautiful red lipstick, a refreshing mist to hydrate your face, a makeup bag to enhance your beauty. And, of course, if you are wearing a good looking dress or suit at work, add an incredible piece of jewelry, I mean, make a huge statement with a pin, earrings, ring, necklace. Use only something unusual and unique. Put on a beautiful scarf. My advice is to wear your accessories in a very unexpected way.


Inspirations, inspirations, inspirations! Just look around! Over there is an incredible building, here is gorgeous flower, sunset, sunrise, amazing book, fantastic bird! All those miracles free of charge, available to your soul, heart, brain! When you open wide to the world you can create your life, create your art, yourself! Easy, period!

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