WoodiG Store

WoodiG is an online store which specializes in selling handmade sunglasses and frames. A vision of three friends turned into a business partnership and partnership turned into their passion to make the world a better place.

Fashion has turned and evolved from time to time, exploring different options for fashion lovers. By exploring new ways of making your life better and trendy, WoodiG brings you a unique and variety of handmade wooden framed sunglasses.

See the world with a new vision and style, with more clarity and color with WoodiG’s collection.

Loved by many online users and communities, WoodiG has grown and expanded in more than 100 countries serving thousands of customers worldwide. This was only possible because of the fashion fanatics, who always try to explore the world of fashion in search of different styles. Style that later turn into a trend, trend that is followed and used by millions.


WoodiG has always tried to bring you the best collection of handmade sunglasses with a promise to serve you better. Their online store have different and unique styles of sunglasses. Which will help You see life in better colors while looking stylish.

If you would like to join the thousands of online users to be a part of the community that feels and thinks that the world could be a better place through fashion then You are in the right place. Explore WoodiG’s website and see the world through their eyes.

Visit WoodiGStore.com today and help us to expand and grow in the world of fashion and accessories.

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