Juls Designed By Actress Julianne Michelle

Juls designed by actress Julianne Michelle is simply an exquisite line. After years of trying to find the perfect fit, Julianne decided to create and brand her own eye catching and unique bracelets that can be adjusted to both small and large wrists.

Also an accomplished actress of more than 23 productions, Julianne has starred in Wall street, Money Never Sleeps and Awakened, just to name a few. She is a two time, award winning “Best Actress” for the feature films The House is Burning and Awakened.

Julianne is simply a pleasure. She is a powerhouse with the values of an angel. Beautiful inside and out, Julianne is interesting and enlightening.

Her lovely designs make a statement in there own right and are always the topic of curious conversation when seen on someones wrist. Look out for more unique eye-stopping designs to come.

Julianne will also be featured in the upcoming book LaLa Mode Rue to be written by Lori Snyder with video production of the book and launch release choreographed by Chris Victor of www.VictorProductions1.com. The essence of the book is beauty meets fashion, a natural for this very talented and creative female. www.LalaModeRue.com

visit for more information : www.JulsNewYork.com

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