An Exclusive Interview With Attractive Sophia Body

1) So how did it feel to play basketball in “the worlds most famous arena” – Madison Square Garden?

It felt amazing. Such an adrenaline rush. Have to admit, I was a little nervous but once I got on the court it wasn’t so nerve racking. Especially since I know I’m pretty good at basket ball.

2) Name some if the celebs on your team that you were surprised had some skill? What about the opposing team?

on my team we had a few professional basket ball players including Scott macando, chris smith an ex football player Mark Uskuhn, DJ clue, Drita D’Avanzo, Aljamain Sterling (pro boxing player) Mannie who is signed to SoSo def records, Yale who is also a recording artist, and Sky from VH1 reality show black ink.The other team was stacked with celebs lol … get this ; JUSTIN BIEBER was The main attract of the entire night And nfortunately he was on the Opposing team… however I did get To press him a little bit considering He was taking FOREVER to pass! Also on the other side: Rapper Jim jones, Casanova, Phresher; Professional b ball player isiah whitehead From the Nets, the shiggy show and ceaser From black in crew just to name a few.

3) Did you have any basketball background? Or did you just wing it?

Yes surprisingly , I used to play basket ball when I was in high school. One of Best shooting player  On the team. They called me 23 or MJ lol

4) What charity was this for?

It was for Boom Cups charity program-Check them out

5) Tell us about your experience so far filming “love and hip hop” ?

My experience has been …. fun but extremely stressful… definitely not what I expected but I always say “Difficult roads lead to beautiful situations”

6) When is the air date?

The air date is second week of September presumably.

7) So we came out to Atlantic City N.J. to see you DJ and you absolutely smashed it! For our readers who have never heard you play, what can we expect from a “Dj sophia body party?”

You can expect loads of fun, diversity and the unexpected!!!

8) What do you like better: Being on TV? or DJing?

I love acting, but DJing takes me to a euphoric place.. music is my first love

9) What can we expect in the upcoming months from Sophia Body?

You can expect to see me on our tv screen showcasing my music curating skills of course more parties ft DJ Sophia Body that one should expect a prodigious Experience.

10) Tell us your social media handles ?

Social media handles include
Twitter Sophiabody
Instagram Sophiabody
Snap chat Realsophiabody

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