Wearing necklace with my name on it

Since childhood I love writing my name on my wrist, my palm or arms or even use to write my name on my bag with marker. And when I grew up I was searching for something to wear that would contain my name. And luckily I came across GetNameNecklace. A big waooo came out of my mouth when I went through their products. I had already heard about bracelets with name written on them and already had a couple of them but these were leather bracelet with name in simple writing. But the variety I had found on this site was amazing.

You can have you name written on necklace, ring, earring, bracelet and so on. And then their are so many options in writing style, material used, color and designs. I personally like sterling steel and this site got large variety of sterling steel made products with name on it. Name can be engraved or you can even get a necklace or bracelet with name in separate letter on it.

If you are looking for name necklace cheap priced then you can find out so many here. You can even get gold plated necklaces in rates much cheaper then the market. So coming back to my own story, once I found out that site I have started to buy jewelry with my name on it. A ring with my name, a couple of bracelets with my name on it, and a necklace with my picture and one with my letter name on it.

And that prove out to be a fun. My collection is increasing day by day so as my fondness of wearing my own name. Till date I haven’t found any problem with these products. No color fading, no breakable material, no rust nothing like that. If you fall in my category of your own name lover, this site is for you

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