A Non-Noisy Hair Dryer to Keep Your Morning Routine Quiet

When you wake up in the morning, you get up, you drag your sleepy carcass into the bathroom, take that shower to wash up, freshen up, and usually wake up. You get to enjoy some peace and quiet if you’re lucky (especially lucky if you have children), and if you get to do this before everyone wakes up, you try to remain quiet so you can get ready to start your morning pampering routine.

After getting out of the shower, you plug your hair dryer in, press the button, and all of a sudden, a freight train horn sounds out of nowhere from your dryer, waking everyone in the house, and ruining your peaceful endeavors. All of this can be stopped though, and we’ll tell you how in this guide.

Do Quiet Hairdryers Work?

Technology isn’t what it used to be in the 1980’s and believe it or not, there are actually non-noisy and super silent hairdryers available on the market, and what’s even better? They work great to dry your hair quietly! While some people are skeptical, you have to realize what type of technology is in the hairdryer that makes it so noisy.

Often times, you have a powerful little motor with a fan in a wind tunnel-like fashion that pulls air in from the side vents and pushes it out through the nozzle passing over a heating element somewhere in the process. Some hair dryers even have silencer features built in so you’re not blowing your horn throughout the entire house, maintaining some peace and quiet, as well as your privacy.

Parlux 385 Light Ionic and Ceramic Hairdryer

This is a uniquely designed lightweight dryer that has a state-of-the-art motor, and even has a silencer in it in order to protect yours and everyone else’s ears. Not only that, but since it has a ceramic element in it, it can help get rid of frizz, keep your hair from getting fried from the heat, and it all weighs less than many dryers on the market.

Centrix Q-Zone Hair Dryer

This traditional looking hair dryer has a sleek and stylish design and is actually one of the most affordable quiet hair dryers on the market. It has hundreds of people on Amazon happy with it, and people are surprised that the uniquely built motor and fan actually built for being quiet actually is as virtually noise-free as it claims.

While it’s not 100 percent silent, it still is much quieter than most people believe it could be. Not only that, it’s super light, and only weight a pound and a half, much lighter than most traditional 3 pound dryers on the market. With a tourmaline and ceramic element, as well as ionic internal components, this hair dryer is the perfect solution for hair health and drying your hair super quick.


Even though this is just a couple dryers on the market, you can get many more if you get online and look around. One of the most important things to pay attention to is that there is ionic technology and that the dryer can’t harm your hair.

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