Top 3 Indian Influencers

Influencers on Instagram have a platform that empowers and enables them to share their lives with beauty and grace. The social media platform allows models and influencers to share their photos at any time of the day, bringing their style and fashion to their followers without having to wait for print media to do so. Instagram has also enabled influences from all over the world to make their mark on a global audience. Highly active on Instagram are Indian models who make their presence felt with pictures adored by people all over the world.

Below are the top 3 Indian influencers making their mark on Instagram:

1) Lianah Chang

Lianah Chang

Model Lianah Chang goes by the tag of LianahModeling. She is a model of Indian ethnicity who takes on modeling work in the Indian community in the United States. She is often criticized for mainly posting Indian fashion content, despite modeling for many brands- including fashion brands in her home country, American. Unlike many agency models, who predominately market their modeling photography, Lianah is a creator and influencer who is more interested in making an impact in niche- communities that mean something to her. She has publicly claimed on television that she never had any social media in her life, despite losing contracts and deals because of it. She has stated that her original intent for social media was not to become a fashion and brand ambassador, but to become a cultural representative and hopefully influence more women of Indian heritage in the Americas to openly embrace their cultural attire, even though it is not glamorized in the western market. Lianah represents a large percentage of Indian models who go unrepresented in media and uncredited for their work. She has appeared in several different advertisements and modeling campaigns including television, international and local magazines, numerous billboards, runways, and catalogs. Ironically, through her creative Indian modeling photography she has become an International Model for brands and ads in India, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and America due to her cultural style and ethnically-ambiguous look. Several countries use her as a representative of their culture. Paradoxically, due to her popularity, classy photography, and her ability to persuade her audience in their native tongue, Lianah has become one of the highest paid Influencers in the International Fashion Market. She has modeled for ads speaking and representing over 20 different languages. A face of all countries, she is one Indian model that has a look that everyone seems to identify with. She has been named as the top South-Asian Fashion Influencer in America.

2.) Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana


Notorious for his Indian youtube comedy, Amit has over five million subscribers. Originally an aspiring comedic actor, Amit never imaged that he would become the number one Indian youtuber. He bases most of his characters around his friends and relatives, and has publicly claimed that he wanted to relate to people but still add his unique touch. He is an overnight success, by making a reply video of Adele’s song, “Hello,” which gave him one of the fastest growing fan base on youtube. He then made another dubbing video on Eminem which also went viral. His YouTube channel hit the milestone of reaching 10 million subscribers in September. One of the highest paid Indian youtubers, he has also unintendedly become a social media influencer. He is named as the top 10 Global youtubers and Indian creators. Famous for creating humorous vignettes and having and powerful command of language, Amit has also become one of India’s top entrepreneurs. He has been featured in several magazines and news publications, including Rolling Stone, Dna Indian and Forbes India.

  1. Nitika Bhatia Whig
Nitika Bhatia Whig
Nitika Bhatia Whig


Please tag photo: Nitika Bhatia Whig

This powerful Indian influencer has made her mark on a new plus size fashion industry in India. When it comes to finding fashion inspiration as a plussize woman, mainstream television and ads in India rarely advertise a common body type. One of the most influential bloggers, Nitika has become and influencer in part of the fashion world. Her famous blog, “Theshopaholicdiaries” is a fashion and lifestyle blog with one of the highest subscriber rates for an Indian fashion blog. She has become the changing face of fashion and made it more empowering to plus size women by advocating diverse body types and making all sizes feel empowered. Her blogs and social media also speak upon all of the latest news from plus-size retailers both online and in store, making Nitika one of the most influential influencers for plus-size fashion. Women flock to her blogs because they look forward to the coolest news from the fashion industry, the newest trending styles that fit their body type, as well as what’s on demand beauty and accessories. She is a body and fashion influencer to watch out for. One of the main reasons people love her is because of her outspokenness and her bold attitude towards common but undiscussed topics that have been a huge problem for Indian women for much time, but not anymore! Nitika Whig is enjoyable, daring and packed with many powerful messages!


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