7 Pieces of Clothes and Items You Should Forget about on the First Date


So, you were asked out on a date. The day is arranged, and you already know where you are going to spend a day, evening, or at least a few hours in a company of a handsome guy. Excellent! The only thing is left to decide, and it’s what to wear to look pretty and not to feel uncomfortable. Clever girls from Mariadating.com shared their tips they remember since their most successful rendezvous, and here what most women say you should avoid wearing on dates.

High heels

There is only one scenario when sexy shoes with high heels will be appropriate: when he takes you on a taxi, you both have dinner in a fancy restaurant, then leave it and head to his or your place on a taxi again. In more casual situations, like strolling around the city, riding a boat, or having fun in an amusement park or a picnic, this choice will be too weird. No matter how good you are at walking on heels, sooner or later your legs will beg you to take these shoes off.

Mini skirt

Yes, it’s sexy. Yes, you are free to manifest your sexuality and attractiveness in the XXI century. Yes, your legs look astonishing in this skirt. But first of all, do you really want to show everything on the first date? And secondly, just choose wisely before you decide to wear a mini skirt. It was not just made for some occasions.

All your collection of jewelry and bijouterie

It’s hard to complete a nice romantic look without accessories. Sometimes, we want to put on everything, falsely thinking we would look better and more attractive. But the excessive number of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other fancy accessories will rather make you look like a Christmas tree then add you points on a dating scene. So, be moderate in this issue and don’t wear too noisy jewelry as well.


The choice of shoes says a lot about its owner. So, what can flip-flops say about a person on the first date? The first thing that comes to mind is that they are too lazy to choose something decent, or they don’t give a damn about the date… Or they just don’t have any other pair of shoes for this season. Not the best options for the very first impression, right? But if your date is going to be on a beach or in a public pool, this choice won’t be so critical.


Different people have different sensitivity to smells, especially if we talk about perfumes which have always been a very personal element of a fashion image. Of course, nobody wants to have a deal with a smelly girl on a date, but you should not pour a whole bottle of your favorite fragrance on your body either. What you need to do is to have a shower with a mild and nicely smelling shower gel. Then you can moisturize your body with a fragrant cream but do not overdo. Actually, a shower and a deodorant will be enough.

Sport clothes

Undoubtedly, sports shorts, bras, pants, and sneakers for jogging are very comfortable, and sometimes we wish we could wear it everywhere. But unless your date is a morning running in a park, forget about this. Just like in the case with flip-flops, such choice of clothes will demonstrate your indifference to a date.

Too much makeup

Very few guys admit they love when girls apply too much makeup. Speaking about dating, such a choice of “improving” your appearance will definitely bury all your chances to raise attraction. Makeup should emphasize your best facial traits and cover the flaws, not make you look like a stripper or a clown. Of course, you should make a guy watching you on a date all the time with admiration and desire, but too much cosmetics can really turn things upside down. Give preference to mild tones, don’t overdo with concealer and blusher, and forget about scarlet lipstick.



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