Has anyone ever tried to get into the mind of an actor? We think it might be very difficult but it is worth a try because they are the ones that are paid (many times very well) to transform themselves into another being and another personality just for our entertainment and to tell a story, a full dimensional story. Quite a magic trick, don’t you think? If we could explore one actor’s mind it would most likely be the mind and person of Michele Abascal. She is from Chiapas, Mexico and is a very successful actress who has done tons of short films, theatrical productions, commercials and feature-length motion pictures.

What makes her different from other actors is her ability to immerse herself in each role she takes on. Of course, a lot of actors pride themselves on doing just that so there is another element at work here that gives Michele a sort of uniqueness. She can immerse herself into either a female role or a male role with equal tenacity and genuineness. She becomes that male character just as easily as she glows in all the female parts she has played over the last few years – which have been quite numerous by the way.

To say that she is an actress might be short-changing her abilities, however. She is more of a chameleon who can transform herself into whatever she wants and she also shows the markings of a psychologist, who can immediately grasp on to a new character or a different gender without skipping a beat. The list of films Michele has appeared in is too long to delineate in this space but we can certainly name a few that she has played leading roles in: The Great Misfortune, Deep in the Woods, Castle of Purity, The Haunted Bakery, Cut, She, Soft, Eunice, Always the Same, Game of Spoilers, Cain, and many more. Michele recently spent several months in Peru shooting a feature-length film there.

Michele is an actress – a real actress who shows the rest of us how it should be done. She is not as brazen as this writer in that she probably would have put it much more humbly, but the truth is the truth. Michele tells aspiring actors that that they trust in themselves. She has gone through hard times because the lack of trust in herself and she doesn’t want them to commit the same mistake. Trust in your heart and everything else will follow.

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