TG2M Magazine: The Millennial Magazine That’s Making Great Women Greater!

TG2M Media & Magazine is an American digital media and technology company publishing men’s lifestyle and relationship content exclusively for women. Founded by serial technology entrepreneur KayeCee Austin in 2016 for Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z.

Its tagline is ‘‘Beside Every Great Man Is An Even Greater Woman—Because She Really Gets Him.’’ The timely and juicy information filled magazine reveals relevant conversations about men that women should really be having and that many men have expressed they wish women would have.

TG2M publishes national content as well as local content for New York City, Jersey City, Linden, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Atlanta. The company publishes content across dating and relationships, fashion, business, technology, lifestyle, sports, food, drink, travel and entertainment verticals. TG2M Magazine’s articles are distributed via its website, print, email, and over social media channels.

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