Are you a fan of Premier League? Have you been searching for a good way to enjoy this tournament? If yes,  this article is for you!

As we Know :

Premier League is a football tournament for British professional male clubs. This is the highest league in the English football league system.

Premier League is the most popular tournament in the world with more than 212 countries and territories applying for broadcast rights.

Significantly, this tournament is broadcasting to estimated 643 million households and about 4.7 billion television viewers.

Source: Bong Da Truc Tuyen – thevang.tv

There are two main ways to watch football matches in the Premier League. You can either enjoy it at the stadium or watch it online.

So which way can help you enjoy your favorite football league to the fullest? Let’s check out the answer!

Live viewing at the stadium


The main attractive point of watching live in the field is the realistic atmosphere and feelings.

It is a great experience when getting to know instantly how the match is going and share all the feelings with the exciting crowd. Live viewing gives you the most realistic sense of the crowd cheering once there is a goal.

Also, you can switch your sight to any angle you want on the stadium. There is no limitation like when watching the broadcast.

If you want to immerse yourself into every moment in the stadium, there is no better choice than live viewing.


Although it is good to feel the enthusiasm of the stadium,  watching on the field has some disadvantages as follows.

It is hard to go to the bathroom

Going to the toilet may be the hardest part of watching sports at the stadium.

What should I do if there is a goal while I go to the bathroom?

Just like watching a movie at a theater, I cannot stop the game at my own discretion.

One thing, somehow common yet annoying, is that goals play in while you go to the toilet.

Since I spend considerable time and money on getting to the stadium, isn’t it pitiful that I cannot see the goal scenes due to the toilet?

The bad weather and rough temperature

No matter how bad the weather may be, there is no choice for you other than sitting there and suffering it.

You even have to wait for the delays due to the weather. This is a big disadvantage of the outdoor stadium.

Sometimes, spectators at the stadium have to suffer unavoidable bad weather.

What’s more? The dazzling sunlight hits the spectators directly in the summer, while winter is bitterly cold!

Many other problems

The most frequent complaints about going to the stadium are that f the ticket price is high while the equipment such as the chairs of the stadium are of bad quality.

Besides, there are various sources of inconvenience such as the parking lot was narrow, your sights may be restricted by over-excited fans or the cheering banners, there was litter in the stadium, etc.

Well, it is awesome if you can watch on the field, but getting tickets and traveling are also quite difficult.

Watching football matches online at home


Time and money saving

Obviously, since there are no ticket or transportation methods needed, you can enjoy the match without any payment.

Besides, you can save a considerable amount of money on the food and drinks sold at the stadium. They are relatively expensive, and the taste may disappoint you.

More importantly, you will save your time by not spending hours going to the stadium.

Besides, there is no more wasted time on unexpected delay, which sometimes occurs in  events.

Snacks, drinks, and chill

While the fast food served in the stadium is not so cheap and tasty, delicious snacks and drinks are easy to prepare while you are watching the match at home.


Comfortably enjoying the football match may be the biggest reason to watch this game at home.

As you stay indoors all the time, there is no need to worry about the heat of summer or the cold winter outside.

Moreover, rough weather conditions like rain, snow, and storm is no longer a problem to concern!

Watching a sports game at home is much more comfortable than going out.

Everything is at your own discretion, from the clothes you wear to the snack and drinks you would like to have.

Whatever situations happen, you can stop the match simply by a click.

And of course, all you need to do is to press the play button when returning to continue watching.

Besides, you can replay the game from any moment you want.


And unlike going to the stadium, it is okay to go to the bathroom while you are at home. Just press pause button and the game will stop at your own discretion!

You know what? You can even watch a football match in the bathroom. All you need is your smartphone, a reliable web for watching the game online and a stable Wifi connection.

With all these features, you will never miss the goal scenes once again!

Which is the ideal way to watch football matches?

As can be seen, watching the game at home seems the better option.

But I know for some of you, there is one more thing to wonder. Should we watch a live game on TV or enjoy it online on the Internet?

Live TV

Instead of going to the stadium, many people opt for watching live overseas football on TV.

Unfortunately, there is a limitation in the game broadcast on television, and sometimes you cannot find your favorite match.

Online watching

As an ardent fan of the Premier League, I usually easily watch it with PC and smartphone! But I think that numerous people do not know the way.

Good news for them. Do you know that some sites distribute these sports events for free?

I have been searching for the best site allowing viewers to watch live football matches. There is a site that I would like to recommend to you, even for those who are “scared of clicking on a strange advertisement on a foreign site by mistake”!

The site is thevang.tv

This is one of the best sites ever for watching football matches online. The site has a fast and frequent update of every game available.

Not only important games but also minor ones are delivered, so you can find any game you want to see at ease.

With thevang.tv, there are no more “I cannot find the game I want to see”, “I finally found it, but it is not delivered” or “The video has been deleted”.

More importantly, the site is completely free of charge.

You can watch many football tournaments at thevang.tv including Premier League. Source

Also, even if the game is not delivered live at that time, it may be available for watching later, so please be patient.

Another outstanding feature of the site is that it allows you to watch videos with good image quality. You can choose to watch videos of the match either on smartphones or the personal computer.

The last words

Perhaps thevang.tv is one of the most easy-to-use sites to watch football match online.

Although it is completely free, the site has many outstanding features. It is also easy to search for the games you want to see right away.

Let’s make the soccer world exciting together with this brilliant watching!

Thank you for reading to the end!

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