I am convinced that Jordan Andrews can do anything. He can sing, he can dance and he can definitely act. I’ve seen him do all three of these wonderful things and he never disappoints – he just keeps giving more. And he continues to get better, if that’s possible.

I saw him at the SpringFest 2014 and he kicked some butt up there on that stage. He can sing anything too and in any style. This UK national treasure is going to soon be our national treasure. In fact, I heard that there is a petition out urging the government of the United States to not let him out of their sight or he might get homesick and fly back to London. That is the last thing we want.

I also saw his GoFundme video, which apparently, was to raise money so Jordan would stay in the U.S. Anyway, when I saw all his friends showing genuine love for this guy I had to look into him a little deeper. I saw his music videos (you can too on Youtube and Apple Music and Spotify) and I was impressed again with Jordan’s command of the stage and the medium. Besides the great original songs, he comes through like a real music star, which he is. And it was obvious that he can act also.

Jordan left London, where he was born, only three years ago and he probably felt bad leaving his thousands of fans there. Coming to a new and strange country had to be a bit unsettling like it would be for anyone. But Jordan just threw caution to the wind, jumped on a plane and found a place to live. Then he went out and got representation by two of the biggest agencies on the west coast. Like I said, Jordan can do anything.

Jordan has a great personality alongside all that talent and it comes through in everything he does, whether it’s dancing, singing or acting. He’s acted in music videos, recorded original songs, starred in his own music videos, hosted the Philippine Independence Celebration in Carson California, headlined the LA Music Festival, hosts a TV show on Fearless TV, among tons of other things. And next year Jordan’s going to be even busier.



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