August 16, 2017 marks 40 years since the untimely passing of Elvis Presley

THE WORLD KEEPS LOVING ELVIS” by DONNY RICHMOND & ELVIS PRESLEY”S MUSICIANS is the largest collection of Elvis Presley’s legendary original studio musicians ever gathered to back up any artist other than Elvis Presley, in a beautiful love song, and “ultimate Elvis salute”. The lyrics are ingeniously constructed around subtle references to 25 of Elvis’ songs! For the making of the Music Video (as seen on YouTube), Donny Richmond was also given access to Elvis Presley’s coat, some of his jewelry, and one of his Cadillac cars. It is said that this recording is “One for The Guinness Book of World Records!”


On this recording are members of The Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame, Country Music Hall Of Fame, Gospel Music Hall Of Fame, Rockabilly, etc. All of the Musicians can be seen on the YouTube video.

This historic event will never again be repeated, as many of Elvis’ Personal Musicians have since passed away.



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