Kristina Pilskaia is a Russian actress, mostly known for the film 365. She also just come back from Moscow where she was shooting a TV Show “Obvious Secrets” (Yavnie Tainy)  with famous producer and director Aleksandr Lyubimov.

“This was a last minute decision, I now live in LA and going to Moscow for the holidays wasn’t in my plans. One of the actresses who was originally cast for the show could not make it, so I had to step in.” Ms. Pilskaia flew to Russia to work on the show for a little more over a week. “Previously, I’ve had to decline film projects that I was offered from Moscow simply because I wasn’t there and I had plans on the other side of the world. Ideally, I would love to always be able to arrange my schedule so that I can work in both countries,” states Kristina.

Kristina is currently brushing up her skills at Lee Strasberg Theatre and film institute as well as volunteering in theatre and film projects in Hollywood. We can also witness her work in films Last To Repeat, Cinema Emperor and The Collector to name just a few.  Her face is so expressive in the most subtle ways that without being able to put your finger on it, you know that she is full of emotion and could do a 180 in a heartbeat. She also has that amazing and rare skill of not letting the audience know what she’s going to do at any given time, even though we, the audience, never take our eyes off her. We just know that something is about to happen. According to Ms. Pilskaia, the essence of acting is to be true to yourself, to be real and, most importantly, “Have fun with it”!

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