Makeup Artist From Australia –Rebecca Allen

Have you ever seen a makeup artist at work? They carry all kinds of makeup things around with them, in a big bag, in their pockets and wherever they can fit them. They are always on the move until they come to the actor or actors they are assigned to. Then they stop and start touching their wards up with just the right colors. What we just described, of course, is a makeup artist who is on the set or location of a movies shoot and she is touching up people right before they get in front of the camera.

Rebecca Allen, the well-known Australian makeup artist has been doing this kind of work for over ten years and just before the cameras are ready to roll she is one of the busiest people on the set. She has already been on the set or in the makeup trailer for several hours, usually before the camera people get there. She has gotten all of her tools of the trade ready for action, that is, brushes, facial powder, lip rouge, etc. and she knows well in advance what needs to be done and how she will approach each actor.

She started doing makeup in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia and went from fashion and bridal makeup into doing makeup for actors in short films. From there, she moved into TV shows in Australia and worked with some award-winning makeup artists along the way. She graduated to feature-length films and worked on movies such as, Mad Max Fury Road, The Inbetweeners 2, Truth, Childhood’s End and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. She did makeup for well-known actors such as Topher Grace, Bruce Greenwood, Ashley Zuckerman and Simon Bird.

She worked on a few TV shows in between movies and then was personal hair and makeup artist to Kellan Lutz on the film guardians of the Tomb.Then she was hired to look after James Franco and was Billy Crudup’s hairdresser in Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant. She worked under Oscar-winning makeup artist Lesley Vanderwalt on that film. After that she worked on the DC film Aquaman and then flew to China to work on the Chinese-Australian co-production of Legend of Sun and Moon, doing prosthetics makeup under the Emmy award winning company JMBFX. What’s up next for Rebecca? The live-action movie Dora The Explorer, of course.

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