How to pick your outfit?

Our life is all about parties, Usually a year we go to 5 or 6 occasions a year. This includes gatherings of friends and family, night outs with friends, Christmas and New Year, and we all need festive casual clothes to suit special occasions and so on.

You may have plenty of clothes, but when a certain event comes closer you may observe that you have “nothing to wear”. But in reality, you have everything you need in your closet, it’s just a question of matching and accessories.


How to choose?

There are a number of factors that can influence your clothing choices, here are some questions to look into:

Are you going to a company party at the end of the year? Will you celebrate in a small circle with friends or family? How elegant or comfortable is your dress? What is the nature of the event: a relaxed Christmas family lunch or party with your friends? Maybe you will go to a casino to hit the poker tables or the slots?

Depending on the answer you should check to see what dress code is defined for the event, and consider the location and weather before dressing, these can provide information on what attire to look like. Then create an elegant look by being careful not to be too challenging or show too much skin. Strive for balance, for example, if you wear a shorter dress, the neckline should not be too deep. In the same way, if the neckline is deeper, the length of the dress should not be defiantly mini, but rather choose a classic midi type that also stretches the shape.



Put your hand on your heart, Are you one of those women who sometimes want to put on some special dream dress? You are not alone, but you should know that in many cases simplicity is the right key!

Also, a simple dress, in a single color can be matched with more accessories like shoes, purses, makeup which ultimately will make you a more interesting person. It is much more worth investing in a durable and reusable outfit. In this case, you can’t go wrong with a little black, which can always be a stylish and trendy solution in case you’re invited to a festive gathering and you don’t know what to wear.

Keep in mind: A black dress does not have to equate to gloom and boredom!



The only limiting factor here is your own imagination – leather or fur, feathers, beads, crystals, sequins, free leather surfaces, transparent tulle, lace, etc. – these interesting decorations easily make festive dresses magical.

There are various designs and materials available in the stores, from which you can easily choose the material that suits your tastes and needs. Lace, satin, chiffon, tulle, and organza: all the perfect, eye-catching alternatives.

By choosing different textures, you can show your individuality, and by decorating the right details, you can decide where you want to focus your attention.

If you are a believer in a simpler style, choose a simple silhouette made of wonderful velvet material, which is a top choice for raw materials for year-end festive attire.

However, be careful because shiny and stronger velvet can even strengthen.

The second is the distinctive texture this season of silk, which is a nice alternative, while this material itself is a kind of statement.

We can also vary the different materials with each other, combining a thinner material with a more structured, stronger fabric to create a modern twist. You can combine a silk blouse with a pretty velvet pencil skirt.


Tailoring solutions and different designs 

Various tailoring solutions and design worlds can also make a little black dress special:

Emphasize the benefits of your physique with a variety of designs such as dropped shoulders, open backs, special neckline, ruffles, asymmetrical shapes.

The easiest and fantastically elegant way to look great is to make an existing little black dress festive with the right accessories. Just as we dress up the Christmas tree, you can easily make it look brilliant again and again by adding the right accessories and jewelry.

There may come a little brilliance: rhinestones, sequins, pearls that may seem too extravagant in everyday life. However, you can feel free to toss up your look now with more accentuated elegant accessories and jewelry. Think of the little black dress as a beautiful night sky and add the brilliance of the stars by pairing it with a large piece of jewelry, casual bags, shiny, glittery shoes.

However, strive for balance and do not overdo it!



Casual dress in festive colors: gold, silver, bronze, rosegold – the answer according to your color type!

Do you belong to a warm color type? Add gold accessories to your little black dress, a combination of gold and black is especially great this time of year.

If your face is more of a pink hue and your hair is more dull than golden, then of the metallic colors, vote for silver.

The color of the shoes and bag does not necessarily have to be the same, if your small bag is too shiny and fancy, your shoes should be a plain black high heel.

Because shiny accessories are the center of attention, you don’t necessarily have to distract yourself with a glittering shoe from your face. A good solution can be an earring that is the same precious metal color and subtly connects your entire look from head to toe.

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