An Exclusive Interview With Colby Lee Burke About Traveling To Hilton Head

Colby Lee Burke is a distinguished travel writer focused on culture, architecture, nature and the arts. His fascination with these topics comes from the love for nature, world culture and architectural landmarks. Colby Lee has written many articles that have featured in several, mass circulating newspapers and travel magazines. A huge part of his work entails traveling around the world. His favorite travel destinations include Florence, Berlin and Edinburgh in Scotland. Colby has many friends and networks in Edinburgh, where he visits at least once a year.

While in the US, Colby Lee splits most of his time between Charleston, SC and Portland, OR. He has real estate investments in the two locales in the East and West Coast. In Charleston, Colby Lee regularly visits Hilton Head. This popular revelers paradise is home to attractions such as waterfront eateries, shopping centers and natural wonders. The wonders include a wildlife refuge and a discovery museum. Colby Lee graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in the English language. Away from travel writing, Colby Lee Burke enjoys photography.

Talk to us briefly about yourself. Describe your background and education, etc?

I am a travel writer who doubles up in photography. I began writing in school and hold a degree in English. Immediately after graduating from college, I took up a copywriting gig before venturing into the annals of freelancing. My interest in travel writing revolves around architecture, art and culture. Writing assignments have taken me to many countries and territories. During my free time I usually engage the masses at social events and gatherings.

At what point did you decided to become a travel writer?

My interest in writing began while I was in high school. It all started when my writings made it to the school’s literary magazine. After graduating from college, I wrote several travel pieces that attracted the attention of newspaper and magazine editors. Following the positive responses, I began to build a solid portfolio that helped raise my profile. It is evident that being a professional travel writer has endeared me to many readers and corporate sponsors alike.

How would you describe travel to Hilton Head, South Carolina to an individual who hasn’t visited the place?

Hilton Head, South Carolina is a kind of place you always yearn to revisit time and again. The Island has a large, uniquely planned community that offers numerous recreational attractions. The guest enticements include vacation homes and condos for rent, unbeatable dining and shopping venues and outdoor recreational spots. Emphasize on recreational offerings is underscored by cycling fields, lush golfing venues and beautiful, sandy beaches. The best time to visit the Island is in May. The weather ranges from hot, rainy summers to pleasant winters.

When and where do you write?

I have functional offices in Hilton Head, South Carolina and Portland, Oregon. The offices feature a library, computer and writing amenities. Besides writing and crafting ideas for my write ups, the workstations offer a perfect meeting place for guests and editors.

What motivates you to do your best work as a travel writer?

I am fully immersed in my travel writing passion. Just thinking about the imposing cathedrals in Europe, the plains of the Serengeti and the out of this world, Great Barrier Reef is sufficient motivation to get me going. Motivation also comes from my interest in linguistics and photography.

What’s your advice to writers or travelers that are starting out?

Travel is fun because you get the opportunity to see the world, heal your curiosities and live life to the fullest. When you combine travelling with the passion to write, you also get the opportunity to pen lasting memories and build a network of admirers. Since writing is at the core of travel writing, you can easily sharpen your skills by conducting good research and writing more often.

Are you a writer that constantly interacts a great deal with your readers?

Most of my readers are college students, travel industry professionals and vacationers. A chance to mingle with readers at social gatherings and online is something I cherish a lot as it provides a perfect platform to market myself. This kind of interaction also breeds trust and mutual respect. I find it very refreshing whenever I meet readers at the expansive Hilton Head resort.

How can people interested in your book find it online and get the updates about it?

My book will soon appear on the widely visited Amazon platform. I am working around the clock with editors and publishers to realize this goal. Readers looking for updates and latest postings of my blog can hook up though the social media, where I maintain an active presence.

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