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Here’s a darling couple on the rise that recently caught our eyes: Carlo and Erin, a unique combination of talent, beauty and life experiences. Carlo, once a Captain of the Italian National Police Force, is an actor and a screenwriter. Erin is an actress, classical-pop crossover singer and screenwriter as well.

So, online we read a little about Francis Ford Coppola’s new experimental project, and you were both cast in it. Can you say anything more?

CARLO: Actually we can’t, because it’s a super secretive project and it’s only at its beginning stages. I guess what I CAN say is that it was an amazing experience, not just working with one of the best directors of all time, but also with an awesome group of people, the cast and crew. The set had something magical and poetic to it.

Tell me about the screenplay you wrote together, “Time Zero.” I read that you are semi-finalists in the Page Awards. I ran the numbers and it seems you guys are in the top 2% of entries!

ERIN: Yeah, give or take.  We are not only semifinalists in the Page Awards, but also in the Fade In Awards! The script is a high-budget, high-concept action-thriller about a rough CIA Operative who develops powerful psychic abilities and is forced to use them against his country in order to protect the people he loves. It keeps receiving great feedback. We’re thrilled! We would love to see it turned into a movie for the big screen.

And we do hope that it becomes a reality. After these exciting experiences, where’s life taking you?

CARLO: We’re loving the momentum around us! We’ll both be in “The Battle of Gorthene,” an action film by Italian director Piero Sanna that starts shooting this fall. It tells the heart-wrenching true story of a group of inmates who, after breaking out of prison, hide in the Sardinian mountains where they engage in a fight with law enforcement to the death.  I play a lead role, starring opposite Franco Nero. Erin will sing the theme, a beautiful Sardinian folk song reimagined for the movie.

In addition to that, we created our own digital series that we will film in 2017, “SPY V SPIA.” It’s a will they/ won’t they romantic comedy/ spy parody, about two rival international spies who accidentally, or not so accidentally, move in next door to each other. We are proud of it, and we think it’s going to be a lot of fun for the audience!

Erin, I noticed on your IMDB Page that you also are on a new TV show called “Emergency: LA?”

ERIN: Yes! I booked a series regular role as the LA Police Detective, Jo Frazier. The TV show starts filming this fall and it also stars Professional Wrestler Kurt Angle, and other talented TV actors and professional athletes. A fascinating group of people!

Well, you have a lot going on! What do you do in your free time?

CARLO: Free time?

ERIN: We watch a lot of movies and TV, but we also love to hang out with our rescue dog.

CARLO: Henry! His name is Henry. A fun little guy.

Guys, it’s been a pleasure talking with you. You’re involved in many incredible projects and we wish you the best of luck with all of them! Please leave us your contacts for our readers.

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