How to Make Elevator Shoes More Comfortable

Over time, elevator shoes have proven to help vertically deficient men appear taller, thereby making them more confident.

However, in this article we will be sharing with you some tips that will make it more comfortable to wear an elevator shoe and not just that alone but also makes it convenient to stand and walk in one, this will help you take advantage of the additional height elevator shoes gives you without having to feel any pain in the process. These tips include:

Make use of shoe inserts or pads for the balls of your feet. They minimize some of the pressure normally placed on your feet when you walk or stand in elevator shoes. These shoe inserts are self-adhesive; hence they can easily slide into the shoe, and they can also be easily purchased from a shoe store closest to you.

elevator shoes for men

Purchase shoes with an invincible platform that supports the front of the elevator shoes. With this, the mechanics of walking in an elevator shoe will have a close resemblance with that of regular shoes, thereby making it easy for you to adjust to it.

elevator shoes for men

Also, ensure you wear socks that suck up the moisture leaving your feet cool and dry. These socks shouldn’t be very thick as using such can result in blisters.

If your elevator shoe is made of leather or it’s a canvas, make use of a shoe stretcher, this simple technique can make a whole lot of difference in how comfortable your shoes can be.

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