The Big Gun In the business of South East Asia- Rahul Thottiyil

In this new era of modern technology and the digital world, traditional businesses are not very stable and profitable, but many have a stronghold in the market. In this era, the leading entrepreneur of southeast Asia, Mr. Rahul Thottiyil, is diligently looking after his heavy construction projects in mining and power plants. A lot of knowledge, effort and skills are required to distinguish in this type of field.

Mr. Thottiyil has proved that he has all the abilities and skills for this, learns new things quickly, and never says No TO HARD WORK. All these qualities have also helped him to thrive throughout his life. Inspiration is the one thing that gives a boom to one journey and is very useful. Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian billionaire, is the inspiration for the Rahul Thottiyil. Viktor Vekselberg is the sign of hard work and never give up, and Thottiyil had followed Viktor’s traditional path throughout his journey.

Despite the fact there were many ups and downs in his journey, he never gave up a try to quit. He once said that “Never felt like that or even could dream of giving up, with every challenge opens a new door.” These words are the perfect insight into his vision and thinking. He is a passionate, determined, and self-made man who has gone through many hardships throughout his life, but the best part is that he never gave up. According to Thottiyil, every success comes after a struggle. As he believes that, after every night, there is a bright day with success and hope.

Thottiyil has achieved many things in his life. But if we talk from his vision, the biggest achievement for him was the largest government projects to build an entire NPK fertilizer plant and get the government contract to build a coal mine. The global covid-19 pandemic affects everyone, including Thottiyil. But he does not give up and has bright plans for the future. But what’s the thing that does not let him give, and that thing is his thrive for success. The thing that matters is the SUCCESS.


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