I can’t remember who told me about her but I’m very glad that he or she did. “You’ve got to see Valeria Silva’s reel on Youtube,” that faintly distant voice whispered to me. And even though I racked my brain to see a face that fit that voice I finally just sat down at my Mac and got Youtube in front of me and there she was – Valeria Silva in all her glory – and talent.

I went through several reels of hers and each one demonstrated that this young woman from Brazil has everything an actress needs to make it to the level of achievement that Valeria has. She’s funny, no, that’s not accurate. She’s hilarious – when she is doing comedy. Her timing is impeccable and her delivery gets all the laughs at the right time from everyone in the audience. When she walks into a scene this woman commands the stage. When she speaks – you listen. She has a way of ‘being’ that compels the audience to focus on her whether they want to or not, even if they came to watch another actor because he or she is a relative.

In the short play Aftermath, Valeria was in a blonde wig and I was in suspense almost the whole time. It was a comedy and not a suspenseful drama to be sure, but I had the feeling (of suspense) that Valeria’s character was going to do something crazy or funny any minute. And I was right. The play was well written but her acting truly brought it alive and she was so immersed in her character that I forgot for that short period of time that I was watching a play with actors who were pretending to be someone else. Valeria, with all of her enormous talent and acting skills forced me to suspend my disbelief that it was only a play. Very powerful stuff!

I also saw another reel of Valeria in more serious roles. I have to say that I was so impressed by her and her range, that it’s no wonder how fast she has established herself as first-rate actress in Hollywood. She also acts behind the scenes, so to speak. She dubs major characters for soap operas and for one of the major studios in Los Angeles. Valeria is a talented actress who can play any role she is cast in.

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