A conversation with a talented songstress Jaraiyia Alize’

Talented and passionate Jaraiyia Alize´, is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next most promising songstress. At a very early age, Jaraiyia took up singing, which quickly turned from just a hobby into a passion. Music and singing is what protected Jaraiyia’s heart and peace of mind through the many hardships growing up and her first heartbreak. Here is our recent conversation with her.

Jaraiyia Alize'
Jaraiyia Alize’

CNF Mag Team: What first got you into this profession?
Jaraiyia Alize’: My first step into this profession was deciding to leave a toxic relationship and focusing on nothing but my wants and desires.

CNF Mag Team: Who inspired you to make music?
Jaraiyia Alize’: The idea of making music is what inspired me.

CNF Mag Team: How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Jaraiyia Alize’: The music that I create can be relatable to all people. Some songs are fun, and flirty others are about real life.

CNF Mag Team: Our readers would like to know more about your recent work?
Jaraiyia Alize’: Recently, I’ve been working on music that describes my everyday emotions, and wacky thoughts. I’m reaching outside the box, and attempting to place my feet in the shoes of others.

CNF Mag Team: You must be very happy with the kind of response you received so far?
Jaraiyia Alize’: I am truly grateful.

CNF Mag Team: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Jaraiyia Alize’: I would love to work with the legend Rihanna of course.

CNF Mag Team: What’s up next?
Jaraiyia Alize’: Only the world may know.

CNF Mag Team: What is one message you would give to your fans?
Jaraiyia Alize’: “Do what you want to do, not what they expect you to do. You must not conform”.

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Jaraiyia Alize’

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