The Consuming Artist 4eva is Back with His Single ‘Water’ with Some Overpowering Spells of Lucidity

The Mississippi hip-hop artist and daunting performer 4eva are casting the spells of his musical aura with the expressing nature of his sharpened indulging track ‘Water’.

The talented singer and performer, 4eva, is back with his expressive texture of musicality. The single ‘Water’ is a fine example of his well-arranged and much cultivated musical forms. Born as Quardre Mosley, he is from Shuqualak, Mississippi, United States. The compelling song is going to be one of the big hits that will be praised in the world of music with respect. The aura of this number has an intoxicating nature that will grip the listeners to sing along and dance along. The witty nature and the humorous undertone of the song are very refreshing. And the charm of his voice is very gravitating. And he is working towards his musicality with his heart and soul.

The opening portion works as a wide base and the raps are like a mansion that was built out of sheer forms of hip-hop. The gangsta spells are brilliantly incorporated with the grooving nature of the song. And the slowing dissolving of the ending made the whole experience of the song supremely enjoyable. Previously he has released two albums and now this single ‘Water’. Mississippi hip hop artist has the compelling nature that his listeners will go back to him for more oscillating numbers. And reflective narratives are very effortless. And the song has a unique vibe, the dizzy grooving nature along with the rhythmic beats are just consuming and absolutely engaging for the listeners.

He has proved his longevity already and he rises up and high he will go with his overpowering musicality. 4eva is going to be a name that will be one of the leading names of this music industry. His voice has the strength to flourish in this musical world. Mosley’s debut song ‘All You’, is a brilliant song that has crossed over 66K streams on a major music streaming platform. And he has a lot to offer to his audience as well. Some of his popular songs are ‘Ball Hard’, ‘Rich Nigga Drip’, ‘Digit’, ‘Devoted’, ‘Came for Nothing’, ‘Different’, ‘Racks’, ‘Money Coming’, ‘D boy Drip’ and there a lot more is his body of work. He is available on SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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